Our Markets

At PPC, we primarily supply rigid plastics containers to the household maintenance industry. Our products have also been intricately developed and are widely supplied into the adhesive, flooring, construction, timber care and food markets.

Our products range in size, depending on the client's individual needs. Our state-of-the-art machines are able to produce containers from 1 litre to 22 litre, and all of our products come either in a plain or decorated style.

Our decorated containers can be custom manufactured to the needs of our clients with the most up to date technology in Direct Print, In-Mould Labeling or SLA. Along with our print partners, we develop artwork, proofs, and finished labels to a superior quality.

All products are tested to the standards required for their particular use, and are fully monitored, measured and controlled through our ISO-accredited processes and equipment.

Our Markets - Paint Cans

Paint Cans

Protech Plastics has broad experience within the paint can sector – designing, moulding and manufacturing paint cans for the industry's leading brands. We're proud of the expertise and competencies that we've built up within this rapid growing sector and continually review designs to help drive performance and efficiency for our customers.

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Our Markets - Adhesive Containers

Adhesive Containers

Protech Plastics uses cutting-edge technology, including automated machinery, as well as the latest in in-mould labeling (IML) technology to manufacture a range of containers for supply to the adhesive industry.

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Our Markets - Resins


Active committee members of FeRFA, (Resin Flooring Association) Protech Plastics supplies container products to some of the largest UK resin manufacturers.

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